2020-2021 Graduate Catalog

Department of Early Childhood Education

Professor Robert Messano, Coordinator, Early Childhood Graduate Program

Room: CAS 215
Tel: 908-737-0301
Email: rmessano@kean.edu

Ethel Eaddy Thomas, Coordinator, Non-Degree Alternate Route 

Room: HH-206
Tel: 908-737-3802
Email: eeaddy@kean.edu

Degrees Offered

M.A. in Early Childhood Education Options:

  • Administration in Early Childhood & Family Studies
  • Advanced Curriculum and Teaching

Certification Programs

  • P-3 Endorsement

Non-Degree Programs

  • P-3 Alternate Route
  • EMSE Alternate Route
  • Post-Master's Plus-30 (with program advisement and approval)

Program Description

This degree program is designed for individuals who wish to assume teaching or administrative positions in the primary grades, child care centers or nursery schools, Head Start, infant/toddler settings or family life education programs. Students gain essential theoretical understandings in the field of Early Childhood Education and practical classroom applications of current, research-based teaching strategies.