2018-2019 Graduate Catalog

Student Accounting Information/Tuition and Fees

Office of Student Accounting

Student Accounting assists students and their families with information pertaining to tuition and fees, bills, payment options, payment plans, refunds, flex & meal plans and ensures the proper billing of students’ accounts. We are committed to providing professional and courteous service in a timely manner.

The Office of Student Accounting is located in the Administration Building on the 3rd Floor and we are available to answer any financial-related issues, questions or concerns. Student Accounting is now paperless and we communicate with students via student’s Kean University email address. We utilize the Kean student portal, KeanWISE, for billing, payments, refunds, flex plan dollars and 1098T Enrollment.

Telephone: (908) 737-3240

Fax: (908) 737-3250

Email: stuactg@kean.edu

Office Hours (subject to change):

Monday – Thursday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

*Please note: Office Hours may differ during Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer Session.

Kean Ocean students can access services and see a representative from the Office of Student Accounting in the Kean Ocean Administrative Office, Gateway 103. 732-255-0356.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition, fees and expenses are established by the Board of Trustees and are subject to change by the Board. Tuition rates are published several times during the year on the Kean University Student Accounting Website http://www.kean.edu/offices/student-accounting/tuition-and-fees and KeanWISE.

Students should log into the Student Account Suite via KeanWISE to get updated billing as well as other related information regarding their student account.

Kean University Fall 2017/Spring 2018 Tuition & Fees

Full-Time Flat Rate
(9-12 Credits)
In-State Out-of-State
Tuition $6,709.50 $9,094.00
Fees $1,691.00 $1,691.00
Total $8,400.50 $10,785.00

Per Credit Rate In-State Out-of-State
Tuition  $653.00 $801.00
Fees  $154.00 $154.00
Total  $807.00 $955.00
Fee Descriptions In-State and Out-of-State Fee Rates
Per Credit Fee Flat Rate Fee 
Athletic/Recreation Fee  $9.00 $108.00
Campus Improvement Fee $4.00 $48.00
Capital Improvement Fee  $67.00  $786.00
General Service Fee  $53.00  $497.00
Library Improvement Fee  $2.00  $24.00
Student Leadership Fee  $5.00  $60.00
Technology Fee  $6.00 $72.00
Transportation Fee $1.00  $12.00
University Center Fee  $7.00  $84.00
Total $154.00 $1,691.00

Full-Time Overload
(More than 19 Credits)
In-State Out-of-State
Per Credit Rate $308.00 $523.00

Tuition and Fee Rates for Cohort and Special Graduate Programs

BS/MD Scholars Program with Drexel University College of Medicine and
St. Peter's University Hospital - BS Degree 
   Full-Time Per Semester Per Credit 
Tuition (In-State)  $7,784.25 $669.00 
University Fees  $2,098.75  $154.00 
Total  $9,883.00  $823.00 
Tuition (Out-of-State)  $10,904.25  $929.00 
University Fees $2,098.75 $154.00 
Total  $13,003.00  $1,083.00 

Executive MBA 
  Per Course 
Tuition (In-State/Out-of-State)  $2,178.00
University Fees $462.00
Total  $2,640.00

Master of Arts in Speech Pathology 
   Full-Time Per Semester Per Credit 
Tuition (In-State/Out-of-State)  $8,819.00 $897.00
University Fees  $1,691.00 $154.00 
Total  $10,510.00 $1,051.00

Master of Science in Occupational Therapy
   Full-Time Per Semester Per Credit 
Tuition (In-State/Out-of-State)  $7,451.00 $761.50
University Fees  $1,691.00 $154.00 
Total $9,142.00 $915.50

Master of Social Work
   Full-Time Per Semester Per Credit 
Tuition (In-State/Out-of-State)  $6,869.50 $703.00
University Fees  $1,691.00 $154.00
Total $8,560.50 $857.00

Doctoral Programs - Education Leadership, SLP, Nursing and PsyD

   Full-Time Per Semester Per Credit 
Tuition (In-State)  $8,835.00 $680.00
University Fees  $1,691.00 $154.00
Total  $10,562.00 $834.00
Tuition (Out-of-State)  $11,001.00 $811.00
University Fees $1,691.00 $154.00
Total  $12,692.00 $965.00

Graduate Clinical Fee (PsyD Only)  Flate Rate
Full-Time $648.00
Part-Time $326.00

Doctor of Physical Therapy 
   Full-Time Per Semester
Tuition (In-State)  $8,121.00
University Fees  $1,691.00
Technology Fee  $200.00 
Program Fee  $180.00
Total  $10,192.00 
Tuition (Out-of-State)  $11,487.00
University Fees $1,691.00
Technology Fee  $200.00 
Program Fee  $180.00 
Total  $13,558.00

Tuition Payment Due Dates

Fall 2017: July 26, 2017
Winter 2018:  November 29, 2017 
Spring 2018: December 13, 2017
Summer 1 2018:  May 1, 2018
Summer 2 2018:  June 5, 2018 

Kean University reserves the right to adjust tuition and fees and published due dates.

Other Fees (Non-Refundable)

Application Fee $75.00
Campus Safety Deposit  $100.00 
Forfeiture Re-Registration Fee  $100.00 
Freshman/Transfer Orientation Fee
Full-time Students
Part-time Students

Graduation Fee  $100.00 
HED 1231, 3231, 3232, 4231 Certification Card/Supplies/Lab Fee
$15.00 (HED 1231
Housing Application Fee  $125.00 
Late Payment Fee
(assessed monthly) 
Late Registration Fee
Students registering after the tuition due date
Students registering on or after the first day of classes

National Teachers Exam  $20.00 
Parking Fine $50.00
Payment Plan Enrollment Fee  $40.00 
PED 2510 & 2511 Lab Fee  $30.00 
Profession Field Experience Fee  $100.00 
Replacement ID Card Fee $15.00
Returned Check Fee  $50.00 
Student Teaching Fee
(assessed when student teaching assignments are made) 
Transcript Fee  $10.00 
Tuition Deposit (applied to semester tuition) 
GR Speech

Please note additional fees for students in the College of Education
Pre-Professional Field Experience  $100.00 
Student Teaching Internship $200.00

Billing/Payment Information

  1. Billing policies and payment information can be found on the Kean University Student Accounting Website http://www.kean.edu/offices/student-accounting/tuition-and-fees or on KeanWISE.
  2. Full payment is required for current semester charges unless student has enrolled in a payment plan or has been awarded financial aid to offset expenses. If charges exceed estimated aid, the balance must be paid in full by the payment due date or the student can enroll in a payment plan for the remaining balance.
  3. Billing notifications will be delivered to the student’s Kean email account. Paper bills will not issued.It remains the responsibility of the student to check their Kean email for information or updates.
  4. Fulfillment of financial obligations must be met by the due date to avoid forfeiture of classes. Any student whose schedule is forfeited and re-registers at a later date will be assessed a non-negotiable non-refundable re-registration fee of $100.00.

Payment options are as follows:

  1. Online – **Preferred Method (via KeanWISE) ** E-Checks using your checking or savings account information. Accepted credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, Discover & Diner's Club. Please be advised that a 2.75% nonrefundable convenience fee will be assessed when choosing to pay by credit card. There is no charge when paying by E-check.

  2. In Person -- Cash, Debit Card, Personal Check, Cashier’s Check & Money Order. Checks or money orders should be made payable to Kean University. Foreign checks will not be accepted. We are located on the 3rd Floor of the Administration Building. Credit cards are not accepted in person. If you are paying by credit card, please make your payment online.

  3. By Mail -- Please do not mail cash, postdated checks or credit card information. Checks made out incorrectly will be returned. The University is not responsible for delays in either inter-office or federal mails. If your payment is not received by the due date this may result in forfeiture of your schedule or a restriction may be placed on your account. Please Mail to: Office of Student Accounting, Kean University, 1000 Morris Ave., Union, NJ 07083. (Include ID# on payment).

  4. Tuition Payment Plans – You may opt to spread your educational expenses over equal monthly payments. The enrollment fee is $40.00 per semester. Three, four, and five month plans are available for the Fall and Spring semesters. Two and three month plans are available for Summer semesters. All plans require the enrollment fee and down payment to be paid at the time of enrollment. If you wish to enroll in a payment plan please log onto KeanWISE and select “View/Pay My Bill” under the student menu. Additional information on Payment Plans can be found by visiting http://www.kean.edu/offices/student-accounting/installment-plans.

  5. International Wire Transfer – International students may make wire transfer payments by visiting: http://kean.flywire.com.

  6. Financial Aid – Financial Aid, including grants, student or parent loans, and scholarships may be used to offset educational expenses. If your charges exceed your financial aid, you must pay the balance by the due date or enroll in a payment plan to avoid forfeiture of your schedule.

Refund of Tuition

A student’s status is determined to be either full-time or part-time based on the number of credits for which they are enrolled at the end of the add-drop period and are charged in accordance with the Tuition and Fees schedule.

100% Refund First week of classes
75% Refund Second week of classes
50% Refund Third week of classes
0% Refund Fourth week of classes and thereafter

A schedule of the refund dates and refund percentages can be found on the Academic Calendar at http://www.kean.edu/offices/registrar/academic-calendar.

Graduate matriculated students carrying 9 or more credits are considered full-time. Graduate matriculated full-time students will qualify for a refund only in the event they drop down to part-time status (less than 9 credits). Then, the refund will be the difference between the full-time flat rate and the part-time rate for the number of credits remaining based on the above percentages. Thereafter, the refund will be calculated on an individual course basis based on the above percentages. Part-time graduate students qualify for a refund on an individual course basis through the refund period.

Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal. Students are academically and financially responsible to see that correct withdrawal procedures are completed on time. Refund of tuition and fees will not be made if a student fails to properly with-draw from classes during the refund period. 


Books may be purchased from the University Bookstore, and for Kean Ocean, through the Ocean County College Bookstore. Books and materials for the first year may cost an estimated $1,300. The cost of books and materials is subject to change. Kean University reserves the right to make changes to these costs as applicable.

Kean ID Cards

All active registered students, faculty and staff are required to have an official Kean University Identification Card. The Kean ID Office is located in the Office of Student Accounting on the third floor of the Administration Building and can be reached by calling 908-737-3240. To receive your University ID, you must show a valid photo ID and a copy of your current Kean schedule of classes. There is no charge for the first card. There is a $15.00 fee to replace a lost or damaged card. Payments may be made at the Office of Student Accounting where you will receive your new card. Card uses are as follows: Official University ID, access to Computer Labs, Pool & Gym, Library, Discounted Theater and Event tickets, Meal & Flex Plan card, and Housing Access if applicable. Kean Ocean students can obtain their photo ID in the Kean Ocean Administrative Office, Gateway 103. 732-255-0356.


All students taking courses at the Kean Union campus MUST register their vehicle(s) online for a Kean University parking decal. Students must display a valid parking decal in order to park at Kean University parking lots. Decals are issued at no cost.

Students may find additional information by visiting: http://www.kean.edu/parking.

Kean Ocean students must register their vehicle(s) for a parking decal if they enroll in courses at the Kean Union campus. Students who attend classes solely at Kean Ocean are not required to register for a parking decal.